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What makes AirisQ different?

Verification processes for ventilation are a crucial regulatory matter for ensuring compliance is achieved, and they ensure a safe environment for the provision of critical life patient care. AirisQ seeks to deliver these services in the most efficient way possible.

Because AirisQ promotes the use of innovative techniques in all its business activities as part of company ethos, and has embarked on providing new methods for our services, we are able to reduce burdens on our clients and employees as well as increase the resilience of our service. The new ideas and innovations, implemented, are intrinsic to a competitive stance in the market. This is because they ensure the best possible level of customer service and value for money, combining speed with accuracy in terms of process and results.

AirisQ is very aware of how essential safe and compliant ventilation systems are to HEALTHCARE CUSTOMERS for the provision of critical life patient care, and we have come to realise that providing standard verification services for most sites was no longer sufficient. By working with the customer, we can achieve together the high standards of healthcare engineering required to maintain this life-critical service and provide HEALTHCARE CUSTOMERS with the highest standards possible.