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LEV testing

Local Exhaust Ventilation Testing or LEV Testing is a requirement for all employers who are using these air extraction systems. These systems remove dust, fumes vapours and other potentially harmful contaminants from the working environment. Testing this equipment is vital to make sure that the airflow is sufficient and that any filters and grilles are clear and working correctly.

Is LEV testing required?

As an employer you are obliged by law to make sure your LEV system keeps working properly. This means that if you have any reason to think the LEV system is not operating as it should you must call in an expert, like AirisQ, who can inspect and assess the system. The regulations also require you to have the equipment regularly tested.

What is involved?

The testing involves a thorough examination of the equipment including any hoods, filters, ducts and cabinets. We measure the performance of the equipment and compare this to the design specifications when the system was first installed. If the equipment is not up to standard AirisQ can advise on what will be required to meet the standards.

How often does it need to be done?

You are legally obliged to have a periodic thorough examination and test, which must take place at least every 14 months according the regulations. We recommend that you do this at least every 12 months, in order to allow for scheduling visits and any work or replacement filters that might need carrying out after testing.

Remember though that this is a minimum, and if there are any concerns raised about the performance of the equipment you should call us in immediately.

How can AirisQ help with LEV Testing

We carry out COSHH thorough examination and testing in accordance with the COSHH regulations and HSE's recommended practice.

We can schedule a full examination and test which will include:

Each examination will result in a full report showing whether the equipment is in compliance, and if not what steps are needed to comply. We can also advise on the condition of the system and can recommend repairs or upgrades that will keep the LEV effective and extend the life of the system.

Benefits of using AirisQ for your LEV Testing

Ensure Compliance

Make sure your testing and facilties meet the legal and regulatory standards.

Protect your workforce and site visitors

Prevent airborne contamination and ensure a healthy and safe working environment

Minimise downtime and disruption

Our engineers are used to working in challenging conditions and always make sure that disturbance and disruption to your operations is kept to a minimum

Reduce complexity and cost

By combining LEV testing with our other compliance, inspections and testing services you can keep costs down and ensure consistency across your air quality needs.

Reduce admin

We maintain a record of your assets and keep report archives and records on your behalf