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How does AirisQ provide Health & Safety to clients?

Meeting these responsibilities requires specific and measurable management practises. This takes the form of employing the right personnel; providing training and adequate time for each visit; the availability of information to all to facilitate communication and co-operation across management and site surveyors; the provision of arrangements, plans and checks that are specifically designed for the task, which are complied with and monitored for performance and future work.

1. Accredited Systems – AirisQ Limited has established, and maintains, a Management System that is independently audited by independent organisations (Safe Contractor and Construction Line) for its health and safety standards and continued development. This System provides a structure for the achievement of continual quality improvement and is regulated by the requirements of the annual accreditation processes. In addition, the London Procurement Partnership has awarded AirisQ an NHS Framework Agreement for the Provision of Air Systems Consultancy Services. The vision of the LPP for highly-skilled NHS procurement teams to pull together to help transform health services is one we share.

2. Employing the right people – We employ suitably qualified and experienced personnel to carry out the full remit of services required by the customer. We have excellent retention of staff - near 100% - and encourage our staff to progress through the organisation to a senior level providing them with long term security of employment.

3. Training – AirisQ continually review their training matrices to ensure that staff are appropriately trained in connection with our business, are conscious of their own wellbeing as well as that of the client, and operate to the best practice safety standards. Surveyors are mentored one to one and trained for working within the healthcare environment in order to promote safety and personal wellbeing: this includes training in asbestos awareness, lone working, working at heights & confined spaces etc. In addition, all staff are DBS cleared for working in healthcare (children’s wards etc.)  Health & Safety is an agenda item at every company group meeting so that we may discuss safety issues. The company actively encourages suggestions that might assist in safer working practices. All staff are trained to note any health & safety concerns and alert these to our client and provide recommendations where possible. Training is not limited to surveyors: management are also trained accordingly.

4. Operation & Planning – Monitoring will assist our clients in identifying issues proactively rather than reactively, keeping issues to a minimum. Data integrity will be preserved as all survey information is stored to off-site servers and backed-up to the Cloud.

As a current service provider to BHSCT, AirisQ Limited already understands their requirements in relation to areas such as:

a. Permits to work; access arrangements; relevant authorised contacts and their responsibilities; work processes and paperwork requirements; security clearances etc. Staff wear branded clothing to allow easy and timely identification during the course of our site attendance.

b. AirisQ are already aware of the client’s existing plant and systems, having carried out a significant proportion of the annual verifications over the last 9 years.

c. Embracing technology - through smart phones surveyors can gain online access on-site to previous reports, measurements etc. to assist them safely in their work. Lone worker policy is also in operation to ensure the safety of our operatives on-site.

d. Use of calibrated, up-to-date equipment for all services to the Trust.

e. AirisQ provide a full in-house service solution – we make no reliance, or have no dependence, on sub-contractors.

f. Risk assessments and method statements are present for all services; our teams are trained in conducting a dynamic risk assessment before any work commences.

g. Relevant guidance and legislation is consulted and amended on a regular basis.

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