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Ductwork cleanliness measurement

Cleanliness measurements ductwork/plant incl. grease film assessment and post-clean ductwork verification

AirisQ’s experience and in-depth knowledge of the ductwork cleaning business ensures that our customers are provided with an independent and unbiased qualitative and measurable quantitative service. The physical inspection and measurement of cleanliness guarantees that the work standard of the appointed ductwork cleaning company is achieved.

Are cleanliness measurements required?

YES – to assess effectiveness of any cleaning done and to establish whether ductwork cleaning is necessary in the first place.

What is involved?

In addition to a detailed visual and photographic internal inspection of the plant and ducting, the physical testing is performed in accordance with the guidance laid down in both TR19 and BS EN 15780:2011 EN 15780:2011.

How can AirisQ help with your ventilation cleanliness assessment?

Our service, using experience ventilation surveyors, ensures an accurate record of your ventilation system’s cleanliness is established at any stage from an initial condition survey risk assessment through to a final cleaning verification.



Benefits of using AirisQ for your ductwork cleanliness measurement

  • The level of cleanliness measured during a survey will aid the decision process of whether expensive cleaning is necessary.

  • Ensuring that the plant and ductwork being cleaned has been completed to the correct specification and agreed cleanliness of installation.

  • To provide evidence of compliance with HTM 03-01 Part A paragraph 8.20 Cleanliness of installation.

  • To provide evidence of compliance with HTM 03-01 Part B Table 1 Operational management and routine verification process model is the air distribution system satisfactory - cleanliness.

  • Ensure compliance and current guidance is being met by having regular inspections.

  • Independent assessments provide auditable reports ensuring that operational efficiency, maintenance standards, safety and quality are being achieved.

  • Demonstrate to facility users that conditions are favourable for safe and continued use for workplace environment.