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Contractor management (cleaning & remedial works)

AirisQ’s in-depth knowledge and experience of ventilation hygiene, air handling requirements and ductwork cleaning ensures that an unbiased contractor management service can be provided. This guarantees that all the correct procedures are undertaken and appropriate work standards met by the appointed contracting companies.

When you need Contractor Management

Where a survey identifies issues with ventilation system conditions, performance or non-compliance defects, our report will make recommendations for improvement.  AirisQ are not contractors. W do not do the cleaning or contracted remediation works ourselves. But we can offer as a complete package a fully managed outsourced cleaning and rectification service with final verification on completion.

How we can help

AirisQ can engage at any point in the following process, from the beginning as a complete package, or just at the final stage to inspect and re-verify on completion of the works:

Benefits of using AirisQ to facilitate remedial works

  • Releases estates managers’ valuable time for other key operational duties by outsourcing this type of project
  • Ensures that the contractor completes to the agreed quality and standard
  • Independent assessment of the completed work
  • Makes safe and compliant previously non-compliant or unsafe systems
  • Having surveyed and verified conditions, AirisQ are in the best position to manage rectification of the identified issues and compliance failures.