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Airflow & differential pressure measurement

This service is carried out as part of the verification and assessment process. The most basic indoor air quality (IAQ) question is:

"In order to provide a healthy environment for the occupants of the building, is there enough fresh air?"

To address this question, ventilation rates and air movements in buildings need to be quantified and documented. Use of airflow measurement techniques are essential to any ventilation performance verification of air volume for both supply and extract, along with the measurements of differential pressure (DPM) between ventilated spaces and installed ventilation system components.

Is Airflow & Differential Pressure Measurement required?

Yes:- in order to assess and verify in accordance with legislative requirements, design and specific guidance.

What is involved?

A range of techniques and equipment is employed to suit the installation and application. Normally this would involve a combination of:

How often does it need to be done?

Within healthcare, HTM 03-01 guidance stipulates annually for most critical systems.

LEV/COSHH guidance is normally a 14-monthly service.

Approved Code of Practice L24 Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992 states: ‘regularly’.

On this basis we recommend an annual assessment as good practice.

How can AirisQ help with Airflow & Differential Pressure Measurement?

Our experienced team of trained and qualified surveyors, assessors and engineers provides this service using the latest calibrated instrumentation as an integral part of your overall survey, monitoring and verification package.


Benefits of using AirisQ for your Airflow & DPM

Ensured Compliance

via repeatable recordable measurements

Independent Measurement

with auditable records suppled by up-to-date calibrated instruments


to facility users that conditions are favourable for safe and continued use of their application