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Airflow commissioning & balancing

We provide this service predominately to our existing customers, where we have already completed verification and performance measurements. It is an added value service using our ventilation commissioning engineers to assist customers with improving existing airflows to meet original design, guidance compliance (HTM 03-01) or specified user needs.

Is Airflow re-commissioning/balancing required?

We offer this service as it is often necessary, when identified by annual verification, to have systems re-commissioned to ensure correct airflows are still being achieved for compliance.

What is involved?

We re-balance and re-commission to provide airflows as near as possible to the original design, and/or client guidance compliance requirements. Our service includes:

We work with the client’s site engineer/controls specialist or at least a person familiar with the system start/stop, and/or access to any BMS control for fan speed/invertor adjustments. In addition we can offer more extensive services if required to include:

How can AirisQ help with Airflow re-commissioning/


We have an experienced commissioning engineer’s team who can provide this additional support service to existing customers. This will help them improve current ventilation system performance either for compliance needs or simply to restore back to original design or better.

Benefits of using AirisQ for your Airflow commissioning & balancing


met by physical adjustments for an improvement in airflow performance.

Identifying faults

so that rectification can be implemented to improve airflow and balanced distribution.

Energy savings and environmental comfort

as rebalancing not only improves air flow but can reduce the hot and cold complaints and more than pays for itself through subsequent energy savings.