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Independent air quality consultants

We specialise in ventilation assessment and compliance within the healthcare, commercial, industrial and public sectors. This is achieved through performance measurement and indoor air quality monitoring, verifying and comparing to guidance, design and current legislation.

Our knowledge, training and experience, combined with independence, means that AirisQ Limited delivers a very high level of customer service to meet the needs and requirements for all our clients.

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  • Verify & Comply

    Make sure your operations and premises are compliant now - and stay compliant

    We offer a range of services to verify your air flow and air quality to make sure you meet, or exceed the legal requirements and offer a safe working environment.

    Verify & Comply

  • Inspect & Survey

    We have the expertise to conduct thorough surveys of plant, ductwork and premises

    We can help you make sure your systems are being maintained correctly, and re-assure you that work is being carried out correctly and safely by contractors or staff.

    Inspect & Survey

  • Monitor & Test

    Regular testing is important to check performance and validate your systems

    From HEPA filter testing and replacements, to microbiological sampling and fire damper testing, we can offer you regular monitoring and testing as part of a comprehensive service.

    Monitor & Test